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  1. What a good idea – I think i’ve always avoided doilies because they’re not reusable and would get all soggy…but these avoid both problems, and are also totally sweet.

  2. how cute, i love em. just got me some yesterday, the papers one that is, cause i’ll be baking something a lil. later for my friend.

  3. I really love them…but the Gretel site is pretty weird! When you when to know WHO they are, WHERE they’re located, use the HELP and POLICY TERMS the links are dead or there is nothing to read!
    It seems to be a GhostCompany with a lot of lovely things we CAN’T buy!!
    Is it because I live in France? ;-(
    Could you help me?
    By the way…I love your site, you really do a great job and you’re my everyday little glimpse of joy!


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