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a virtual paradise in {malibu}…


Paradise-cove-malibu1 Paradise-cove-malibu2 Paradise-cove-malibu3

Paradise Cove is like a little hidden gem of sand & sun just outside of busy Los Angeles, in Malibu. Off a windy path, this cheeky seaside restaurant unveils itself inch-by-inch past million dollar celebrity-owned beachside trailers. The restaurant serves basic casual fare like cold seafood platters, burgers, and salads in enormous portions. The food is nothing to write home about {and on its own wouldn't be worth mentioning here}, but the draw of Paradise Cove is certainly the pretend-you're-on-vacation beachside location. Be prepared to take off your stilettos as all tables sit in the sand on the beach with sea gulls flocking to every leftover morsel. Afterwards, digest your meal away in one of the seaside beds that look just perfect for an afternoon slumber and a full belly.

Final thoughts…3 out of 5 happy ladies. While it's not winning a
James Beard award anytime soon, go for the ridiculously large portions,
the sand, the sun, and the fun of it all. Get the key lime pie which was the standout dish of the day.


{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. i love this place because it’s right by the beach and it doesn’t take itself too seriously. and i’m not a tourist 🙂

  2. My grandparents lived on the beach in Malibu when I was a kid. I visited them often and then my family lived with them for a few months when we first moved to LA.
    My Papa and I would take walks along the beach, collecting sand and seashells, ending up at Paradise Cove for a Shirley Temple. I love this place.
    Twenty years later my husband and I took both of my grandparents back here for drinks and lunch. It was one of the last outings I went on with my grandfather before he was too sick to leave the house. He passed away last November but Paradise Cove will always be a place I associate with him.
    Thanks for sharing, so glad you enjoyed it!
    ps- Some of the most common “tourist” places are destinations for a reason.

  3. I adore Paradise Cove. I was introduced to it as a student at Pepperdine, and have good memories from there.


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