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  1. She’s a slightly sarcastic TV presenter – I used to watch her giving unsuspecting rock bands and pop tarts a hard time on telly every Sunday morning! She’s also got fab style. Love these 🙂

  2. i agree..don’t get how she had an MTV show and now a fashion line? but this collection is all over the internet and i want it all.

  3. Yes, a sarcastic Brit TV presenter, but originally a model with a well connected address book ! In the UK she famously goes out with the front man from ‘Artic Monkeys’ and hangs out at all the right parties. Well done her….. BUT nice to see something different.

  4. Yes I know her through fashion magazines but understand she is on MTV or at least was.. but she is in my fashion binder and it is so exciting to hear that she has a line out. It is so great! Thanks for sharing this.


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