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bejeweled cupcakes…





Earlier this week, I covered these chunks of sweetness in chunks of bling and beads for a photo shoot I was working on. Unfortunately, the fate of the frosting fell to its own demise for the sake of the project and its need for bling. But, fear not. I made sure to consume the cake portions as soon as those cupcakes had clocked out for the day.

{photos by Oh Joy, cupcakes from Babycakes, topped with assorted beads, guest check tray from fishs eddy.}


  1. Those are some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever seen! I’ll bet they were yummy! You do such an awesome job styling your photos! Beth

  2. Beautiful! I’ve just discovered your blog and must compliment you on your photography. Delicious! 🙂

  3. Wow I love this. I was gonna say I thought those beads were edible. I’ve seen silver and gold pearls used on baked goods before. It’d be awesome if they could make colored sugar crystals that looked like those beads. Great photos!

  4. before i read the post i looked at the photos and was amazed, sugar beads! then i read the post… still beautiful photos… but a sad trick to play on your teeth!

  5. I love the creative concept to use beads in lieu of sprinkles. Colourful eye-candy even if it’s ultimately and sadly inedible 🙂

  6. So adorable! I love your food blog and your designs. Just got my Audrey magazine and discovered your genius!

  7. My mom and I drove out to Carson to the Cake Palace today and they had candies and sugar crystals made to look like beads with shimmer and sparkles of all kinds! They looked just like the beads ones on your marvelous looking cupcakes!


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