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dream rug…



My little brother is in town visiting this week, so yesterday we took a day trip to LA to visit some shops and food spots. While on Melrose, I saw my dream rug in person for the first time at The Rug Company. And, oh, was it stunning. The floral pattern carved out through the rug's texture was even better than I imagined. The clouds parted and the sun beamed down on what is truly a gorgeous piece of rug perfection. It even looks like one of my patterns…how could this not be love? Sadly, it costs as much as a small car…but I will gladly continue to dream about it from afar…


  1. oOOo! I am such a sucker for rugs, but have yet to invest in a really nice one. It’s such a commitment when you’re spending that much money on the rug, and I can never make up my mind. This one is stunning, but I’d probably destroy it 🙁

  2. ooooh … that is definitely a good one. she also designed my dream chairs (which you also blogged about almost 2 years ago). that helen amy murray is super talented.

  3. {tentatively raises hand…}
    Um, just popping over and so I may be mentioning something that you already know, {takes deep breath}, but…
    Did you see that there’s an article in this month’s Vogue on the home of The Rug Company’s founders/owners? Very. Cool.

  4. Okay, it must be expensive because the web site lists only a price “band”. What are we talking, $20k? The rugs on that site are insanely gorgeous…

  5. If I were ever to get that beauty, I would never use it for it’s purpose. Like one of the other commenters suggested, I’d rather put it up on my wall 🙂

  6. it’s gorgeous! almost too pretty for people to step on.
    if you really love it, might there be a way to “diy” it? didn’t you “diy” a cool polka dot bike helmet? that totally inspired me.

  7. I love that you take day trips to LA all the time from San Diego. Working a studio from 9-5 kind of puts a crimp in me doing that. I would like to think I would do it more if I wasn’t surrounded by 4 walls.
    You must really love that Mini.

  8. Oh Joy! Wouldn’t that be just wonderful to look at everyday. I would also put it on my wall, but never behind glass. So much of what makes it beautiful is the texture, and that would be lost behind glass. Thanks for sharing!

  9. It IS too pretty to step on! I would get a small one and hang it as wall art. It would also help with sound insulation =)

  10. i saw helen amy murray on some tv show and was amazed, but forgot the name. what joy to find it here! they showed her sewing this pattern with a sewing machine on fabric but i couldn’t for the life of me decipher what it was she really did. not in my budget but inspiration nonetheless. thanks for this!


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