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feeling like a medley of mint and tomato…


{left to right, top to bottom: virginia johnson shawl, lomography diana dreamer camera, kate spade bow flats, joya reserve candle, maslo mint julep earrings, not neutral hurricane, urban outfitters antique doorknob hook, and kok teapot.}


  1. this color combo is so refreshing and is making me long for springtime. I would love to sport those kate spade flats while shooting with the holga camera!

  2. How come every time I fall in love with a pair of shoes they happen to be designed by Kate Spade? So lovely! They look comfortable too which is a bonus!

  3. What a great color palette! I am in love with the Kate Spade flats…not much of a surprise there.
    Am linking for my Friday “Best of the Looks, Best of the Books” post!


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