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Little Sweets…

Japanese-book-tiny-sweets copy

Japanese-book-tiny-sweets copy

Small foods may just be my favorite thing on the planet. I love the idea of having lots and lots of dishes in tiny portions so that you can comfortably taste test them all one bite at a time! So I had to share some snippets from another Japanese cookbook I picked up recently, the Book of Little Sweets by Yuki. I will now proceed to make all dinners in tiny bite-sized portions packaged and presented in the cutest of vessels and containers…

{photos from the Book of Little Sweets}


  1. I love this!! Reminds me of tapas! I too love having a little taste of everything.. It makes eating that much more fun.

  2. so cute, too!
    i was once going to have a giants party and serve only little food, so we’d all feel like giants. why, i can’t for the life of me remember, but this is good inspiration for actually doing it some day.

  3. look yummmmm ! it reminds me of some sweet little dishes that i’d love to eat in the saturday’s afternoon. love it 🙂


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