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{lust list} zoku quick pop maker…



Ever since I laid my eyes on this Zoku popsicle maker, I think I fell in love. With summer just around the corner, dreams of icy treats whirled and swirled around my head. I fantasize about the juicy fruits and flavors I could concoct in one bar-sized chunk of delight. And to think…those chilled sweets could be all mine in just seven minutes?!? This sucker {no pun intended} is going on my list for sure.

{photos by Williams-Sonoma. some fruit pop recipes here.}


  1. My boyfriend bought me a set of those out of the blue last year, and I haven’t had the chance to use them yet. If I’d realized I could make such cool-looking (har har har)pops, I’d have been all over that, even in winter.

  2. I got this for Christmas and was a little bit skeptical but it is great. No little kids in the house so I would make the popsicles for me and my husband. Lots of Pom juice and sweetened greek yogurt. It is a little messy with thicker liquids (oxymoron?) but it is fun!


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