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shiny happy food…



If you read my design blog, you may know how much I love metallics…especially matte gold used in unexpected places. I saw this Edible Food Spray by The Deli Garage over at The Urban Grocer and had to share. It would be dangerous for me to get a hold of this stuff as you'll certainly come to find me in a mountain of gold-covered food.

{via The
Urban Grocer
. Photo by The Deli Garage, packaging designed by Korefe.}


  1. Certainly cool for props to surround yourself with, like you have the Midas touch…but I wonder about eating too much of that gold spray >_<

  2. awesomeness! In college, we did an art installation and me painted some fruits in white and gold, but of course they weren’t edible… but it looked so stunning.
    I love this!


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