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  1. Oh my gosh this is gorgeous! And I love love love black and white stripes….that wide neck top is just to die for! And there is something very cinematic about that picture…it seems like a film still from a dramatic point in a movie. Lovely!
    Thanks for sharing this little piece of beauty!

  2. Hi Joy
    My name is Thaís Muniz. I´m a produce a group of communication in Brazil, focused on architecture, decoration, design, fashion, gastronomy and cultural tourism, called GROUP AV. We have a TV show, a website and a magazine (which is called Conceito AV, in english Concept AV).
    We started to produce a next edition of the Conceito AV magazine, which will be released the end of March.
    We’re doing a story about fashion blogs in the next edition of the magazine, and his blog (I just love), was quoted. I would like to send me a picture of you in high resolution.
    Thanks a lot!
    Thaís Muniz


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