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{taste tested}: paulette macarons…



I've enjoyed Paulette macarons on several occasions but only recently had a chance to finally photograph them and share them with you here. With locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco {and nationwide shipping}, their attention to detail in packaging and branding is perfection. I wish more food companies followed such a well-designed and thoughtful path.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies for fresh, colorful, and tasty French macarons! They are a tad on the sweeter side, but the freshness make them almost as good as you can get. Probably my second favorite macarons in the States after Miette.

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. What is it about Macarons that make them so attractive? I’ll have to get some of these for my wife. She just posted about macarons on our blog. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Don’t even think about ordering macarons for shipment from Paulette. After paying $34 for shipping for $36 worth of macarons, I waited until they arrived via overnight Federal Express shipping. Unfortunately, every macaron had its filling melted. The melted fillings all blended together into a gooey mess in the plastic box that they were in. The cookie part of the macarons self-destructed on contact. The reason: absolutely no care or thought was put into the shipping technique – just a flimsy gift box in a cardboard outer box filled with Styrofoam peanuts. I checked – other places that ship macarons use ice packs or insulation to help them survive shipment. Not Paulette. This special dessert, which was for a special French dinner at home, was ruined. I called Paulette to complain, and spoke to one of the clerks, telling her about the problem. She said Paulette was not there, but as soon as she returned from wherever she was, they would discuss it and call me. Later that day, I received a voice mail message stating that I would receive a full refund on my credit card. 10 days later, no credit. This time I sent them an email so I would have documentation. Twice. No reply. So I filed a dispute with the credit card company. If you need macarons, search a little bit – you will find better places that take better care of their shipments. A well known department store in New York on 5th Avenue ships them. Other places do too. Don’t waste time and money like I did, and have your special occasion ruined.


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