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{taste tested}: ruby jewel ice cream sandwiches



Dear Ruby Jewel,

I really do believe that ice cream sandwiches are the perfect combination of two of life's greatest pleasures: ice cream + cookies bundled into one hand-held little package of delight. So I was thrilled to come across your homemade ice cream sandwiches at my local gourmet grocery store. While you're pretty low frills in the looks department, I love that you embody a pure and natural state of being.  I enjoy the mix-and-match outfits you adorn and that I can surprise my most deserving friends with your treats in the mail. Whenever I'm craving a compact frozen treat, I'll be sure to think of you…especially your minty fresh outfit which is surely my favorite.

Yours truly,
Happy Lady {4 out of 5 happy ladies in fact!}

{photo by oh joy. dark chocolate cookie with fresh mint & ginger cookie with pumpkin shown above.}


  1. I LOVE ice cream sandwiches! Have you ever tryed the Mickey Mouse one at Disneyland? I remeber beeing a little girl addicted to that!

  2. Ok, so I read this post about two hours ago, and I just finished devouring a Ruby Jewel about two seconds ago (in fact my fingers are still a little sticky…) these are AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing the love! Gonna go do a post about these right now 🙂

  3. i’ve dreamt of trying these for a few years now.. i must remember to seek them out on my next trip to portland or seattle!
    in the meantime, homemade versions will do!! 🙂


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