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{taste tested}: vosges bacon & eggs…



I'm a huge fan of Vosges Bacon Chocolate Bar, so I was excited to try their new Bacon and Eggs edition just in time for Easter. This version spins your childhood Cadbury Egg upside down and injects a gooey bacon caramel center into a dark chocolate egg. The result is a sweet, salty, savory, and off-beat treat.

Final thoughts…3.5 out of 5 happy ladies! The original Mo's Bacon Bar is still the best version of this combo in my book, but I love this rotund take as a fun Easter treat.

{photo by Oh Joy}*


  1. I just tried the Vosges Oaxacan guajillo + pasilla chillie bar recently but will have to check out the bacon bar next!

  2. woah! that sounds way too delicious. love the mo’s bacon bar so i’m sure these are pretty awesome. gotta get me some!


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