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a bruncher’s delight in {palm springs}…



I recently spent a very brief whirlwind weekend-ette {sadly not the full weekend} in Palm Springs at The Parker. With a gaggle of girls, we found ourselves at Norma's two days in a row for brunch. We found ourselves amassed with giant fruit-topped pancakes, mini doughnuts, and {my favorite} the Wa-Zaa…a giant waffle filled with and topped with fruit as well as a crackled layer of crème brûlée shell in between. The fish tacos {not shown} were also very tasty.

Final thoughts…3.5 out of 5 happy ladies for good food, gorgeous ambiance, but slow service. Go for a leisurely brunch when time is not of the essence. Bring good friends…and it's even better…


{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Hi Joy. I’ll be heading out to Palm Springs this weekend. Aside from Norma’s, can you please recommend any other hot spots for food? Thanks!

  2. Hi Grace,
    I actually wasnt there long enough to go anywhere outside of the Parker but I have heard that the food at the Ace is the best of the nice hotels (Parker, Viceroy, etc) so I would def. check out the Ace for brunch or lunch.

  3. I just got back from a weekend in Palm Springs, as well, and stayed at the Ace. The food at its restaurant, Kings Highway, is delicious–we had no reason to leave the place! I loved their Greek yogurt for a quick breakfast before hiking in Joshua Tree, but was a little disappointed by the ricotta hotcakes (they tasted a little egg-y). My boyfriend got the chilaquiles and loved them. Also, only raves for the sandwiches and fries!
    The pool is open to the public, so even if you aren’t staying there, it’s worth it to stop by. They have a DJ every Sunday and their cocktails are tasty. I loved the blood orange caipirinha and the tinto de verano.
    Be warned: the service is a little off here, as well.
    When we did leave our little compound, we had BBQ at The Cowboy Way and would highly recommend it. For shopping, we had the best luck and services at Dazzles.

  4. Hi Joy! Thanks for your tip to head to Norma’s. Our group of five girls absolutely loved the Wa-zaa, the huevos rancheros, and even the juice cocktail which was complimentary. We also had the nicest server, and eye candy was amazing. Kings Highway was fantastic – service was awesome, and the mac & cheese at Citron at the Viceroy was heaven. Can’t wait to go back. Thanks again. p.s. The Red Velvet cocktail at the Citron was out of this world!

  5. It seems the best food is not always coupled by, well, the “best” service in Palm Springs, but again, it can be worth the trade. Definitely the case at Cheeky’s in downtown PS. For breakfast/brunch/lunch it’s a must. Delish, creative and thoughtful food is worth a visit. The french press coffee is very very good, and I love their cheddar bacon waffles. They source locally whenever possible too.
    Another good local source is Cafe Chocolat for a light lunch. Near Cheeky’s in the comparatively busy Uptown district, this shoppe has a lovely retail side, but their lunches are light and yummy too. Service here stands apart from the rest with friendly and efficient attention. The menu is limited, but worth a trip.


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