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a floating alphabet…



I've been sort of obsessed with giant mylar alphabet balloons for a few months now so when I saw this awesome window display in front of a Louis Vuitton shop yesterday I just about gasped out loud. Love the idea of professing a simple message or sentiment with a shiny and floaty alphabet.

{Balloons available in silver and gold right here. Middle photo by Oh Joy.}


  1. looks like they took that from Nixon Art Mosh big brands picking off the little guys thinking no one would know.

  2. I kinda went nuts when I saw that window – I actually ran into someone walking down the street cause I was so distracted! Thanks for providing the source!

  3. I saw some in Austin in March at SXSW that spelled out HOW THE WEST WAS WON in an empty storefront (maybe it was an art gallery but I don’t remember) I had the same reaction. I stopped and stared for a while. It was awesome. So simple and so beautiful!


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