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  1. Come on down! They are quite amazing… I can’t even remember which ones we tried, but they were pure decadence. And even better, the trailer right next to them is Odd Duck (, which serves seasonal, local, amazing little dishes cooked on a wood-burning grill from a TRAILER. So you can get pork belly sliders and top it off with a PB&J doughnut (and coffee from the nearby coffee trailer called Brevita). We’ve become a regular food trailer heaven down here. 🙂

  2. Oh, they are as amazing as they sound. And they are cooked to order so they are warm and light and oh, so wonderful. The simple Naughty and Nice (cinnamon and sugar with melted butter) is my favorite.

  3. That may be the yummiest looking doughnut ever. Would it be wrong to plan a trip around a doughnut?

  4. joy, have you tried donut man in glendora yet? they have the BEST donuts around, and it’s just northeast of LA. in the summer they stuff them with fresh strawberries… to die for!

  5. Definitely try Randy’s when you’re in LA! I’m in love with the Buttermilk, but the coconut is just the best. I always find an excuse to stop when I’m near the airport.

  6. How funny! That was my doughnut (Miss Shortcake). Tina Phan is my sister. My friend emailed me about this post earlier today…and I was at Gourdough’s! It’s hard not to frequent.

  7. Wow! These doughnuts look amazing and the logo kicks ass too! Hopefully I’ll run into this place sooner than later!

  8. it absolutely is life changing. my friends and i recently took a roadtrip to austin and gourdoughs was our final stop before heading out. never have i ever made such a scene about a donut. we were all literally freaking out, they were so good. i even kissed the donut on the airstream trailer. if heaven was a place on earth, it would be gourdoughs. (or tony’s taco truck which is five minutes away and has a resident toothless fiddle player, but that’s a different story.)

  9. These look fantastic. Definitely not the normal donut. Donuts will never go away but just continue to reinvent themselves.
    Another one to try: Voodoo Donuts in Portland.

  10. I may be the only one in town who thinks Gourdough’s doughnuts are over-hyped. I like sweets, but theirs are just too over-the-top for me. But if you ever make it there, don’t hesitate to check out the Odd Duck Farm to Trailer. It is OUTSTANDING!!!

  11. You would LOVE Austin, there are many foodies here as well and some really great food photographers I must say. You should add a stop to your book tour here!

  12. Hi Katherine!
    Id LOVE to go to Austin one of these days for sure! Unfortunately, no more stops on the book tour, but hope to make it anyway in the near future!


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