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patisserie paradise in {san francisco}…


Tartine-san-francisco1 Tartine-san-francisco2 Tartine-san-francisco3

It's no secret that Tartine is one of those stops you have to make when in San Francisco {and apparently before you die}. While in town this past weekend, I had to stop and get my favorite croissant of all time…Tartine's frangipane {aka almond} croissant. For me, it's seriously the best croissant ever. The morning buns and almond rochers {2nd photo}, as well as the eclairs were out of this world. Everything seems so lovingly made…and the heaps of butter don't hurt either.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies! Probably my favorite bakery ever. The line may be long, but it's very much worth the wait.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. If you love almond croissants you HAVE TO try the twice baked almond croissant at Bakery Nouveau in Seattle. I am obsessed with almond croissants and have tried it at bakeries all over Seattle, SF, Vegas, and NYC. I always make it a mission to find one that will top Bakery Nouveau whenever I travel. It’s almost an obsession really! So far, no dice. Bakery Nouveau has hands down the best almond croissants ever. Yes, even more moist and more packed with almond paste than Tartine! You simply must try it when you’re in Seattle next. Better yet, hit me up and I will go with you!

  2. yum, these look so good! my friend just told me about tartine last night. we’re going up to sf next week, so we’ll def check it out! any other recommendations?

  3. hhmn i luv almond croissants, i live in buenos aires and locally I must recommend the french l´épi boulangerie they have the best almond croissants! 🙂 by the way, i really like your blog, i might try the fried chicken tomorrow…

  4. i followed your twitter link to be sure you meant tartine! it is a magical little place, isn’t it?

  5. ha, when i wrote about tartine, i too claimed it was the best bakery ever (well, I said “in America”, but same idea… it’s so amazing

  6. yay! tartine is so yummy! I’d love to hear more about where you decided to eat dinner in san francisco.
    <3 your blog! Jen

  7. Oh, I have to go to Tartine next time I am in SF! I tried to go last time I was there and it didn’t work out….sniff.


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