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{taste tested}: belvoir fruit farms pressé…



Because I like bubbly things, I've always been a fan of adult sodas like Orangina, GuS, and the like. So when Belvoir Fruit Farms' new packaging made the design blog rounds last year, I was not only head over heels in love with their gorgeous packaging, but I was also curious to see how their sodas {or pressés} faired against those with less fancy packaging.

Since they are from the UK, it wasn't easy tracking them down. Their sales people were helpful in offering lists of stores in my area that should have them, but I found it much easier to simply order online from Jolly Grub.The bottle are just as pretty in person as I had imagined and are perfectly suited for serving as decor as well as beverages.

Final thoughts…4 out 5 happy ladies…for interesting flavors are natural, a tad sweet, and slightly bubbly. At $5-7 per large bottle, they may not be the cheapest option. But for having a dinner party or guests, they offer a lovely combination of looks and taste sure to satisfy.

{Photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I’ve got the winter spiced cordial in the fridge right now! Gorgeous labels + tasty + nutritious = triple good.

  2. Joy you can get these in San Diego at Wold Market. There’s one in UTC/La Jolla area — there is probably one nearer to you also. I love the Elderflower one. Great mixed with vodka. Also I just discovered that IKEA has elderflower juice boxes. So fun and the packaging is cute, too. I’d send you a pic but I already drank them all.

  3. I have a very good friend who has lived and worked on the Belvoir Estate fruit farms!! The locals pronounce Belvoir as “Beaver”… wierd. The Belvoir cordials are on sale in supermarkets all over the UK so I guess I’m lucky but I am still yet to try them! Love the packaging though…

  4. Joy, I also got them at World Market I think for $4 or $5. I used them for a magazine wedding table photo shoot and they were stunning!


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