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{taste tested}: yummy earth lollipops



After being very pleasantly surprised by how good Yummy Earth's organic gummy bears were, my sweet-tooth loving self had to try their lollipops. Touted as "The Best Lollipop" by the Today Show's food editor, I had to see for myself how these all natural pops could taste so good. My past assumptions that "all natural" meant all no flavor have been totally squashed by these suckers. They taste like the best fruit juice you've ever had packaged into a tiny and tasty package on a stick. Best of all, they're 100% natural and gluten-free…making a great treat for kids {little and big} when a dose of sugar is needed.

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies…because I can honestly say they are the best lollipops I've ever had too. They're like sunshine on a cloudy day.

{photo by Oh Joy. guest check tray from Fishs


  1. I really think I saw some friends’ kids eating those yesterday. I should have asked if they had one to share!

  2. I love this: “when a dose of sugar is needed”, they look awesome, I have to try them!

  3. We love Yummy Earth candy drops and lollipops in our house. No artifical food dyes and no HFCS, with AMAZING flavor…what could be better? (my personal faves are Very Cherry and Mango Mania. My DH loves CHili Lime Lambada!)


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