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far from stark…




The first time I heard the name David Stark was when I attended this Target party {shown above} back in 2004 when I worked for Cynthia Rowley and helped to design her then Swell collection for Target. I walked into the pop-up shop party and could not believe my eyes. It was unlike anything I had ever seen, and I needed to know more. Event planner David Stark is well known for his amazing design work, so I'm thrilled to see that my very first encounter with his work is in his new book David Stark Design which chronicles some of his greatest projects over the last several years…


  1. this room just makes me smile. i cannot imagine having a single negative thought in this space. i’m sure it was a delightful event!

  2. Oh, this is the most perfect table setting and room I’ve seen in a long time – I want to copy the colors and live in it – it’s so pretty!!
    Thanks for sharing this. It’s such an inspiration!!!


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