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  1. I saw something similar to this at the Contemporary Art Center in Va. Beach a few years ago. I’m not sure if this was Stacza’s work, but I do remember thinking that it was one of the coolest, and most inticate things ever.

  2. I thought as a first glance, its a real flowers, but it’s made of a plastic flowers. Nice handwork, very creative.

  3. Really beautiful! I used to work for Tord Boontje in his Peckham studio years ago and this reminds me if his work too – lovely…

  4. Those flowers look amazing and so your post made me check out Stacza’s website: which is a bit of a disappointment. She is a great artist who can make such beautiful decorations, but the website does need to be pimped up a bit 🙂

  5. Gorgeous! Truly stunning! I love paper cut art but most artists practice it in 2D – as do I. Pieces like this inspire me to challenge myself a little bit more!


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