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grown-up snow cones…



Oh, it's getting warmer, and I'm craving a snow cone! Sometimes I think about my old Snoopy Snow Cone Maker and remember those days of grinding ice for hours just to make a few icy treats. Maybe I'll try a grown-up version instead like these coffee & cardamom and watermelon ginger granitas…yum!

{Photos by Sharyn Cairns and Chris Chen for Gourmet Traveller.}


  1. My favorite snow cones ever are in Kansas City served out of a little trailer called Fresher than Fresh. Lindsay makes all of her own syrups and grows most of the herbs that go into the syrups. With flavors like lime-mint and blackberry-sage there is nothing better.

  2. I love snow cones! My pawpaw used to have a little shop and I would sit there all day with him and help make them! It was so much fun! Oh to be 5 again!

  3. what?! coffee and cardamom snow cones? i think i’m going to be very anxious until i get my hands on one of those!

  4. I bet these granitas are even better than the snow cones!
    I want to make one now for real, but I’m going to bookmark this for a hot day. A day where I will need eat frozen goodness to battle my lack of air conditioning.

  5. mmm the watermelon ginger sounds amazing. I made a jasmine green tea, lavender honey and spearmint granita last summer. thanks for inspiring me to return to the recipe!

  6. awwww! total memory blast when i clicked on the link to the snowcone maker… we had one too growing up!! i remember sticky syrupy hands…


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