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{lust list} fresher than fresh snow cones…



I love happy, unique small food businesses. After I posted about grown-up snow cones a couple weeks ago, a friend told me about Fresher Than Fresh Snow Cones in downtown Kansas City. Made of all-natural ingredients and super fun flavors, the snow cones are sold out of a renovated 1957 trailer. With super cute illustrations and characters to describe their saliva-inducing flavors, dreams of icy cold snow cones are truly swirling around my head…

{photos by Fresher Than Fresh. To help support their snow cone cause, check them out at Kickstarter.}


  1. love this company, have a lot of their flickr photos fav’ed.
    and i had NO idea you had this food blog!! over the last two days ive read i love it!

  2. Wow, the people in Kansas City sure are lucky! My sisters and I have long conversations about our love/hate of different watermelon flavors. (artificial vs the real face-offs)
    I think I might have to pitch in even though I may not get a chance to have a taste of these anytime soon. I cannot resist the temptations of a snow cone, slushie, shaved ice, water ice… (and yes, to me I can’t crave one and quench it with another, they are different!)

  3. fresher than fresher is my weekend staple. i went all of the time last summer and can’t wait for it to warm up enough to go this summer. the snow cones and the lovely lady who runs the biz are worth all of your support. it’s wonderful!

  4. driving to kansas city (from san francisco) to taste these yummy delights would be a bit crazy…but, i just might have to do it!

  5. To all those contemplating pitching in, please do. Not only is Fresher Than Fresh a delightful and delicious business, but the woman who runs it, Lindsay, is a lovely soul. You’ll be making the world a little bit nicer place by pitching in.

  6. Yay for Lindsay and for Kansas City! Her snowcones are AMAZING. I mean, you think, oh ya I’m sure they’ll be good…but they are better than good.


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