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{behind the scenes} with kate spade…



I often wonder about the thought process behind creative campaigns, and I love seeing and hearing how ideas turn into the final product. Today, I have a very special behind-the-scenes look to share with you featuring one of my favorite brands, Kate Spade. For their new summer campaign, they've created a super fun series of films with flowers and vespas and animals galore. 


To Deborah Lloyd {Kate Spade New York Creative Director}, summer means
suntans and strappy heels—exotic encounters and twists of lime.
Capturing this romantic allure, the summer collection comes to life in
vibrant colors with clever details. Their creative team channeled the
tropics to create the latest campaign.


Between building a headdress from fresh flowers {and you know I
LOVE that floral headdress!}…


…to teaching their model
to drive a vintage Vespa, an adventure began to unfold…


Finally, the summer's theme to Escape the Ordinary came to life within the store and window displays across the United States. You can see a couple behind-the-scenes videos here and here…and you can see more behind their summer campaign over at Behind the Curtain

{photos and videos by Kate Spade New York, florals by Livia Cetti}


  1. love their aesthetic – everything their creative team touches is brilliance. thanks for this sneak peak exclusive:) i just saw their 2011 agenda at NSS, and they never cease to impress me. lovely*
    xx, Jane

  2. luv the look of kate spade but I’m a curvy girl! What are their sizes like? I can’t find a size chart on their website.

  3. That model on the vespa looks like Audrey Hepburn in “Roman Holiday”! Very cute. (She really has an Audrey Hepburn look to her, no?)

  4. Hi Nanette!
    The Kate Spade visual team actually made that paper, so unfortunately there is no where to buy it ;(

  5. How FUN! I love seeing where designers start and where they end their process, and how it all unfolds. I guess that is why I share that on my blog too- it is fun showing people where I started and then what I came up with!


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