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sushi heaven in {san diego}…



The Tsukiji sampler plate {top photo} from Sushi Ota in Pacific Beach is the best plate of sushi I've ever had. Seriously. Special weekly batches of fish are flown in from Japan, then served as a sample appetizer. Each slice is topped with a complementary sauce or topping…Japanese Butterfish with Yuzu Kosho, Sea Bass with Wakame Shoyu, for example. I don't even know exactly what they all were, but they were amazing. The Kumamoto Oysters {bottom photo} were delicious too as was everything we had. {This is one of the few restaurants in San Diego that actually lives up to the Yelp ratings it has!}

Final thoughts…5 out of 5 happy ladies!

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. This is making me crave sushi, it all looks so delicious and fresh! Yumm, sometimes, simple sushi is the best kind.

  2. You found my favorite and absolutely the best sushi in San Diego. Thanks for reminding me about it b/c now it is going on my list of things to eat/do before leaving San Diego.

  3. My favorite part is that it’s in a strip mall next to a 7-11. Best sushi in SD for sure. Glad you found it!


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