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{taste tested}: arnott’s tim tam…



After Amy tweeted about Australia's favorite cookie last week, I went on an instant hunt for Arnott's Tim Tam Chocolate Biscuits. Touted as a perfect complement to a cup of coffee, I was curious if they'd be a great snack all on their own as well. 

While they are available in the States online, I was able to track them down at my local World
. The biscuits surround a layer of chocolate cream and then are enrobed in another dousing of…yes, chocolate. On their own, the Tim Tam is a bit too sweet for my taste–but when savored with my morning milk tea {I don't drink coffee}, it was just right. Dip in warm milky tea or coffee, and the chocolate melts just enough to make it a warm, crunchy, and slightly sweet treat to go with that soothing cup of whatever you like.

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. I love Tim Tams! I fell in love with them on a trip to Australia last year. If you dip them in coffee, it’s like chocolaty heaven!!

  2. Have you heard of the Tim Tam Slam? Bite a small bit of corner off one end and then do the same with the opposing corner. Dip one of the corners into coffee (or tea) and suck the liquid through the corner pointing at you. You must do this quickly and then shove the melting cookie in your mouth, hence the “slam”. So good.

  3. hi brooke!
    funny, the girl at world market told me about it. so i tried it but nothing happened. maybe i wasnt aggressive enough with it! ha! will have to try again!

  4. I used to have to get relatives to send them over from Australia but I found them at Target recently. There is now a chili chocolate Tim Tam, not quite as sweet, I like it.

  5. I just had a Tim Tam for the first time this past weekend. I think the caramel flavored one is divine–like a Twix but much better.

  6. oh goodness, i’m so hungry right now. i need to make lunch, or i’m gonna start digging for yummies like this to fill me up!

  7. Tim Tam’s are so awesome! I noticed that Pepperidge Farm’s makes them in the states now, they’re available at Target. I haven’t tried them (because they’re dangerously addictive), so I don’t know if they taste the same as Arnott’s, but they are called “Tim Tams” and appear to be identical. Yum!

  8. if these are too sweet for you, you might want to try the dark chocolate tim tams, which, in my opinion, are even better! (i eat them with coffee)

  9. I used to eat these when I lived in Sydney! The Aussies tell you to bite off a corner, dunk it in coffee and suck through. The entire cookie dissolves in a matter of seconds. Delish!

  10. Yum!! Those looks so yummy. I’ll have to go stop by World Market on the way home tonight!

  11. i always thought tim tams were from NZ. but then again, Australia always claims things that are ours, and we claim everything that are theirs.
    perhaps we can call this one even – tim tams are half Australian and half New Zealand.
    Now, pineapple lumps. they are 100% NZ! Get your hands on some of those and you’ll be in heaven. Ill send you some if you want!!

  12. the tim tam slam didn’t work for me, either, but i do love pepperidge farm’s version (at target!). 🙂
    also, yay for the cutie cake stand debut!

  13. They are so yummy! You have to try the dark chocolate – my customer is Australian and they bring them back for me! SO GOOD!

  14. I’m so excited to see my country’s national biscuit on “Oh Joy Eats”.
    I agree it can be sickly sweet by itself but a good old tim tam slam is great. Especially when your hands are completely covered in melted chocolate…but not so good when it falls in.

  15. i only tried these pretty recently. i can actually get them in Target now, more often than not.

  16. ohhh i’ve loved this ever since i was a kid! these are such a sinful treat but terribly addictive.

  17. You have to try the slam – it’s the only way!
    …and be aggressive with the sucking. It’s necessary!

  18. Just spent three days on the beach in Queensland, Australia with a group of close friends… guess what we had after dinner last night… white Tim Tams and Dark chocolate… much to the delight of one guest from NYC!

  19. Glad you’ve discovered them Joy. We’ve got so many different flavours over here: double coated, honey comb bits on top, caramel (yummy & googey)…. but the dark choc ones are my favourite. Try using them as base for cheesecake!

  20. I am happy I am Australian because I have access to Tim Tams 24/7. The Tim Tam slam as someone called it is AMAZING

  21. You really really do have to try the tim tam slam! We get them here in Dubai because a lot of international foods are imported, and our Aussie friends always have them. We stock up on sale and keep them in the freezer! I was introduced to the slam by a South African friend though, who taught it with hilarious commentary. You just have to suck a little bit longer than you’d think necessary, and then throw it in your mouth before it disintegrates with warm chocolateness =)

  22. These must be the Australian version of a ‘Penguin Bar’ that we have in the UK!
    If you bite off 2 corners diagonally opposite from each other you can use it like a straw to suck up the tea, and then it melts the inside… divine!!!


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