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{taste tested}: cupcake stop…




When asked if I wanted to be part of a beta group try out one of the first deliveries of cupcakes from New York's Cupcake Stop, I said yes faster than a kid running from class to recess. The popular cupcake truck will soon offer nationwide shipping, and being that I live just about as far from New York as you can get in the US, I was prepared to open up the box of sweets and see how they made their way across the country overnight.

Packed ingeniously in multiple layers of protective and tiered packaging, the cupcakes arrived looking as if they were just picked up from a local shop. Lollipop sticks emerging from each cake prevent the packaging from collapsing onto the icing {hence the small holes in the icing above}. These mini cakes arrive frozen with instructions to let them defrost for the next few hours after opening. As hard as it was, I proceeded with my day, made to sure get in a workout {in preparation for the inevitable feast}, and came back hours later to find them ready for indulging.

Final thoughts…4 out of 5 happy ladies! These cupcakes should teach us all how to travel across country as they came looking fresh, untainted, and as pretty as I imagine them to look before they set sail to me in California. The cake was still moist and nicely dense, and the frosting had a great consistency–light, rich, and not too sweet. Overall, the cupcakes tasted like they had been baked the day before…not fresh out of the oven, but close…especially considering how far they had to come.

{photos by Oh Joy}*


  1. YUM! Do you have a favorite? I’ll have to check this place (or track down the truck) next time I’m in NYC!

  2. Yay Joy, I’m glad you liked them! Cupcake Stop is parked right outside my office usually, and they just opened another location blocks away (they are trying to kill my diet, I reckon) but so glad to hear that their cupcakes traveled well. I do have the luxury of having fresh ones all the time, but I’m in agreement–they sure are good!! So glad to hear you liked them! 🙂

  3. They’re beautiful! Did you take pictures of the packaging? As a baker myself, I’m uber-intrigued how they packaged and sent them to arrive in tact. If you have photos, could you post one or two? Pretty please? 🙂

  4. woh! nice idea with the lollipop sticks so the frosting doesn’t get all smooshed.
    cute to think of those little cupcakes bombing along on highway roads to get to their happy little destination! 🙂

  5. YUMMY!! I make designer marshmallows and cupcakes myself. I would love to try these as the pictures alone make me want to grab them off the page get some coffee and have some alone time with those cute little nuggets. Do they ship? You have an amazing eye for all things food and style. Love your blog.


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