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{taste tested}: michael mischer chocolate bars…



My milk chocolate loving taste buds of yesteryear have certainly grown up a bit as I find myself craving darker, richer chocolates more and more every day. A friend recently sent me these San Francisco-made chocolate bars from Michael Mischer Chocolates, and they're doing wonders for my hankering of dark chocolate. I especially love the Murray River Salt bar {left} and the Almond Salt bar {right}.

Final thoughts…4.5 out of 5 happy ladies! A truly a grown-up treat for those who enjoy the rich and pure essence of this cocoa treat. Stay tuned later this week to see the mini s'mores I made with these salted chocolate bars!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. The same thing happened to me over the years. I was never a fan of dark chocolate growing up, but now I can’t get enough. These look great!

  2. Michael Mischer is actually in Oakland, not far from where we live. It had never occurred to me to peek my head inside the shop before, but now, Happy Lady, I most definitely will Thanks!


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