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a magical closet…



Just a preface that this is NOT my closet…but I certainly wish it was. I spent most of last week in New York for a family member's wedding and spent a night at my friend Beth's apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. When I walked into her closet/dressing room, it was like magical universe of color and pattern.



While the former tenant used this room as a dining room, Beth turned it into a walk-in closet with rolling racks making her daily wares available at her visual disposal. Beth was the one who convinced me to start a blog back in 2005 so I can thank her for all the adventures and friendships I've made along the way through this site. And, I will also continue to fantasize about that colorful adventure of a closet of hers.

{You can found Beth at her blogs here and here.}


  1. this is so beautiful! i’ve been thinking about how i need to get my closet organized (there are piles of clothes everywhere!), and this is totally an inspiration. love all that color!

  2. This is delish! My closet id the complete opposite. All black 🙂 I have extremely colorful accesories that I wear with my black clothes….hmmm….gives me an idea for my next post….thanks!!! 🙂

  3. Oh, the colours! Beth’s clothes are so adorable. I can practically see her bubbly personality bursting through the colours!
    🙂 Thanks for the links! Will definitely check out her blogs. 😀

  4. just cleaned out my closet of old things…which was a very zen-like experience.
    NOW, I must prolong the good feeling by refreshing my closet with new things. this is the best closet I’ve ever seen & I wonder where she’s bought all of her shoes??

  5. do you even know how i love this post? i started reading you way back when your posts were “10 reasons why i love beth” and “10 reason why i love bob.”
    isn’t that funny? xoxo.

  6. Hey Joy!
    Could you post pictures of your friend Beth? I’d loved to see her in some of her favorite outfits. Thanks so much for sharing. That closet is completely swoon worthy. I’m also thankful that she encouraged you to start this blog!

  7. Do you know how she did the black and white bulletin board? Id love to have something like that to display all my fashion inspiration pics!! thanks 🙂

  8. Wow. I was dreaming about a closet that looked just like this last night. Mine definitely looks nothing like it! It’s winter here so I’m dreaming of floaty, colourful summer dresses.
    So envious

  9. Hi Sarah,
    Beth found striped paper and used spray mount to attached it to the back of her dresser. She suggests buying extra paper since the paper doesnt last as long as a real bulletin board.


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