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happy friday + pink perfection…



Confession: I used to hate pink with a passion. Even as a little girl, I never liked pink or chose to wear anything in the girl-centric color. Now, I fully embrace it…especially in bright, hot shades and when used sparingly as an accent to a room or outfit. I love these bits of pink throughout the Hotel Delos in Paris as decorated by Carolyn Quartermaine. Have a great weekend all!

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  1. this blog is f-a-b-u-l-o-u-s! wonderful content. like this tgif post, not just b/c it’s friday 😀 but b/c i agree pink can get quite hideous if it’s overdone. pops of it works wonders!

  2. haha I was the same way as a kid but the color is slowly creeping back into my life… I especially love hot pink accents like a side table or figurine in the corner of the room that grabs your attention!

  3. Small doses, if you want to see what can be done with pink check out the London designer Tricia Guild. Her book “Tricia Guild – Pattern” will totally get rid of preconceived ideas about colour. The cover features a very modern room with a raspberry pink wallpaper that has a large brocade pattern in pink flock. The sofa is raspberry pink cut velvet with a deep raspberry background. The room is ultramodern and very spare but filled with pattern and texture. This is not your girly room or your grannies room for that matter. I would live in it and I’m a married guy.

  4. I so know what you mean. Pink has been creeping into my life as well, first as a dusty mushroom variety pink, but I did look at a hot pink shade of lipstick yesterday and put it back on the shelf quick smart … the blog’s come over all blush too.

  5. I was the anti-pink girl too. Now the splash of feminine color makes me think more of a wild child than a princess. I’m experimenting with little accents of the color now too and loving the change of heart.

  6. I always hated pink, too! My mother used to try to get me to wear it all the time and I adamantly refused. It’s only now that I’ve started to like pink. I prefer dirty, dusky rose colours, but I’m getting there…

  7. I love bright shades of pink too! I enjoyed reading your posts on Lucky, but my (minor)irritation was that Lucky stated you’re a L.A.-based blogger (and I know you will be very soon). I was born and raised in the City of Angels, but how hard was it for the magazine to give San Diego a little bit of credit? Just sayin’…

  8. Pink makes a great accent color. I don’t care for it in large doses though. I love the photos you found. The stained glass in bottom center is very pretty.

  9. I am sooooo in love with Carolyn Quartermaine’s spaces…all of them! I adore pink too…always have been a really girly girl. Though there was a short period, maybe 2nd 3rd grade where I decided pink was uncool…but then I finally came back to my senses in 4th grade.


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