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{taste tested}: sweeteeth…




If you read my design blog, then you know that I am a
sucker for color, pattern, great packaging…and of course, sweet
things. So when I came across the new Charleston chocolate company, Sweeteeth,
I instantly fell for their sweet wrappings and so cleverly branded
chocolate bars.


I was eager to see if I could really judge this book by it's cover, so
was a delight to my taste buds when the chocolate interior actually
lived up to it's witty and fun exterior. Sweeteeth's chocolate
come in fun and unexpected flavors like PB&C {Peanut Butter
& Chipotle}, Cinnapsis {chewy apple bits and crunchy candied
pecans}, and A’Chocolypse {ginger with popping sugar for a little
sizzle}. Their truffles {oops–ate them before I could take a
photo!} were some of the best I've ever had especially the Jalapeño
& Pineapple White Chocolate which was a tantalizing mingling of
fruit, spice, and chocolate unlike anything I've tasted before.


Final thoughts…a seriously happy lady am I. Sweeteeth now delivers
around the country. If you like things hot, be sure to try their spicier flavors, especially the Jalapeño & Pineapple truffle, which I can't stop
thinking about….

{photos by Oh Joy}*


  1. a’chocolypse and cinnapsis sound like a gift from heaven. i adore unexpected flavor pairings as well and the charming packaging makes it the perfect gift for my favorite friends.
    love this, miss joy!
    sylvie of silver lining

  2. these look soooo good! Jalapeno and Pineapple sounds weird but I am sure it is yummy!
    The Design Dish

  3. Ugh! I got so excited, got my credit card out to order the gift pack ($20) and the shipping costs more than the gift pack ($33)! Would have been over $50 for 4 candy bars. Too bad. Hope I can find them elsewhere some time!

  4. oh wow. so beautiful. i am also a sucker for anything in lovely packaging… especially when the insides are just as lovely!!!
    @kelly, ouch! that would some very expensive chocolate bars…

  5. We were so honored to design this packaging for Sweeteeth. The chocolate is incredible!

  6. It’s as costly as it is risky to ship chocolate in the summer months unfortunately. Most of the time if not all the time it has to be shipped overnight. Bummer huh?


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