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a grand entrance…





While in SF earlier this week, the film set studio we worked in was right across the street from this amazing building. I'm not sure if it's an office or a work/live space, but I literally gasped out loud when I came across these amazing floral archways. I especially love the contrast of the colorful, feminine florals on the rustic brick building. Can you hear the sound…I'm still swooning…

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. beautiful! I wish Philadelphia businesses would surround their entrances with flowers during the flower show. It would feel as though I was entering a secret garden each time…

  2. I worked across the street from this entrance for years. Once during a particularly windy storm, the entire bouganvillea fell off the entrance on to the street. Luckily the folks who worked there spent a good amount of time and energy getting it back up.

  3. That’s the office of the industrial design firm One & Co. I worked just down the street from that building until recently and it was always nice to pass each morning.

  4. I work right around the corner from this and literally JUST noticed it the other day when walking to get lunch. I had the same “stop and swoon” reaction 🙂


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