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chewy cookie goodness in {san diego}…




Here's a little story about my encounter with a cookie called 410 Degrees. During a routine trip to the Hillcrest Farmer's Market, I came across the 410 stand and found myself lusting after their round doughy delights. There were only a few cookies left before they were about to sell out for the day. So, I stood in line patiently hoping I'd be one of the lucky few to scoop one of their last treasures. Just as I was about to order the ONE remaining cookie, a girl got in line in front of me to buy said cookie {the line was disorganized so I don't totally blame her}. However, I was not about to let the cookie get away from me and piped up that I had in fact been in line and that last cookie was mine. She thankfully retreated and bowed out as I did not want to a girl fight to ensue over a cookie. However, the almost-fight was certainly worth it for the cakey, chewy delight that would soon follow.

While I'm certainly a fan of a soft, chewy cookies, 410 Degrees takes soft and chewy to a whole other level. Almost like a cake in cookie form, they specialize in fun mixtures and concoctions which you can choose on your own {if ordered online} or choose from some of their tried and true favorites. My favorites are the Confetti Birthday Cake Cookie {top middle}, PB Oreo {top right}, and the traditional chocolate chip {bottom left}. The Pancakes and Bacon {shown bottom right} was interesting but not my favorite of the bunch. These cookies may not look extra special or fancy, but they sure are a treat I'd gladly battle over any day.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. i can’t blame you for being willing to battle over these cookies. they look to-die-for. my favourite would definitely be the confetti birthday cake.

  2. these sound incredible!
    any cookie that you’re willing to fight someone for is a MUST try in my book! i think a trip down to san diego to visit 410 degrees is in my near future 🙂

  3. Thanks for stopping by our farmers market booth. This review is awesome, we really appreciate it. Stop by again soon as we change our menu each week, and please introduce yourself and let us know you posted this blog review about our cookie creations. Look forward to seeing you soon. – Adam co-owner 410 Degrees

  4. I would totally battle for these — Mouthwatering! And it’s great to know they take online orders. I’ve bookmarked. 🙂

  5. joy, have you ever had levain bakery cookies! you will love them, it is a deliciously cakey (like the 410 degree ones) but ginormous so you will have to share

  6. My husband’s office received a sampler box at holiday time. It was the hit of the season…a favorite for every taste. I will keep these cookies in mind when sending gifts. EVERYBODY loved them.

  7. hee hee! Don’t mess with the girl from Philly when it comes to the last cookie! 🙂 I like their Reese’s cookies myself.

  8. So sad you only just discovered them! They are amazing- Mexican Chocolate, Smores and Rosemary Olive Oil are my favorite. They are at the La Jolla Market as well and I think Oceanside.

  9. Oh man. My husband and I are drooling over these…good thing were headed to San Diego next week!

  10. I tried their cookies at the OB Chili Cook-Off and OMG … I was HOOKED. I had the Banana one and the Red Velvet one. Absolutely delicious and totally worth fighting for;)

  11. i loved these cookies that you sent me for my birthday, joy!! what a treat (and you are a thoughtful friend) xox


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