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I took a quick work trip to San Francisco earlier this week, but unfortunately, all work and no play meant I didn't get a chance to go restaurant scouting. However, I was able to sneak over to Tartine and bring home these goodies. While I typically prefer soft and chewy cookies, these are the best crispy chocolate chip cookies I've ever had. Almost like a cookie crisp, the thin buttery cookie supports giant dark chocolate chunks and walnut bits creating an amazing texture like nothing I've ever had…

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. oh miss joy, you’ve discovered my favorite guilty pleasure, the sinful tartine! next time you’re in our charming city by the bay, you must sample their brioche bread pudding. sublime.
    have a glorious weekend!
    sylvie of silver lining

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I never loved a crispy cookie until I had them at Tartine. Along with the cookie, their fresh baked bread is to die for…and I’m not usually a bread-only kind of gal. Hope you can come visit again and do a bit more tasting around the city.

  3. My then-pregnant belly led me to Tartine like a powerful divining rod on more occasions than I can count. What a wise decision to make, choosing that spot out of all others.

  4. I love Tartine! Their bread pudding is excellent. I’ve also made things from their beautiful cookbook which is definitely something everyone who loves baking should get. Some of the recipes are quite challenging.

  5. I’m heading to San Fran this weekend and hope it hit up Tartine! It was on my list and just made it to the top after seeing your post.


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