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happy friday + snapshots of a friendship…



As I approach my last day in San Diego, I can't help but look back at an amazing year in a new city and a new coast. Moving here taught me to stop and smell the roses and take breaks from the daily grind to enjoy the {often} sunny days. One of the best parts of this year was a new {and totally unexpected} friendship with a local designer and blogger. Someone who started as merely as face on Twitter turned into one of my best friends. While our common interests in design, Muay Thai, eating up a frenzy, all things gold & shiny, and husbands that seem as though they've been friends forever helped form our friendship fast–it's the things that made us different that I'll never forget. She's taught me how to laugh it off {even when things seem really rough}, that you can never wear too much color {who cares if people are staring?}, and how to {one day} be both a fair and loving parent to your kids.

And now as I end my sappiness, I wish you all a great weekend and unexpected additions like this to your days. Next time you hear from me on Monday, I'll be a LA resident!

{photos by Peggy Wong of Kelley and I performing our silliest of synchronized swimming techniques during a girls' trip to Palm Springs earlier this year}


  1. i have tears in my eyes as i’m writing this (i know, i’m a weeper!). what a beautiful dedication to the mrs… xo to you both!

  2. Good luck with the move to LA! As for ” that you can never wear too much color” this is a mantra I intend to live by, thank you!

  3. awe! loved this. especially as I prepare for my last day in Philly (tomorrow).
    Have a safe trip and hope to see you when I visit LA!

  4. i love this. the gift of new, wonderful friendships is worthy of celebrating every day 🙂
    wishing you and the hubs a magnificent los angeles adventure. the city of la is lucky to have you!
    sylvie of silver lining

  5. yay joy! you are so good about giving props and appreciation to your friends. we love you! i hope that i get to see you out in LA (maybe even soon!)

  6. Good luck with your move joy! Lovely post, this is just the end of the beginning! I’ll be seeing you in LA very soon.

  7. Have a good and not too strenuous move! Your words describing the friendship were a joy to read – I can totally relate to such a friend, where similarities and differences are equally important! Hope you too can stay closely in touch!

  8. This was a lovely post and a great story of the developing of a lasting friendship. As a Los Angeles native, this is a great place to live. Hope you have a good move this weekend.

  9. Good luck for the move Joy! I’m from London and visited California last year, loved the laid back vibe of San Diego and the eclectic mix that is LA. So different from London living. I’ll be looking forward to following your new adventures as a new chapter opens for you! You bring the sunshine to a londoners week!

  10. Just now able to attach my some sentiments and send my dear sweet friend off with a few sweet nothings of my own…
    although you are gone, what still remains
    is a friendship so dear, I can hardly explains
    I wish you the best in your newest endeavors
    so thankful for you, my friend forevers
    A million hugs and kisses
    love, your favorite Mrs.

  11. Those photos are fabulous and are just the slightest indication of what an amazing friendship you two have. Best of luck on your next adventure.


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