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happy friday + living al fresco…



Ever since I moved to Southern California last year, the dream of having an indoor/outdoor living situation finally makes sense. While I've always loved and dreamt about spaces like this during my East Coast living, I now understand how much the amazing weather can transform your mood and your space. So, today, I leave you with these amazing homes via one of my favorite magazines, Living Etc. that illustrate al fresco living to a t with these show-shopping spaces. Have a great weekend all!

{photos above: the top set from the home of Barbara Bestor in LA and the bottom three from the South African home of Joy & Lucien. All via Living, Etc.}


  1. Gorgeous! I’m very lucky to have this now (though the 116 degree temps in Palm Springs this summer kind of prohibit the outside right now), but look forward to a teeny tiny slice of it in LA soon with our new itty bitty deck.

  2. Living in the Uk doesn’t really lend itself to these beautiful scenes, but I would happily stand out on my wooden and glass outdoor spaces like these and enjoy a fine smear of rain. These spaces would bring sunshine to a dreary day!

  3. One of my favorite things about living in San Diego has been seeing how the outdoors spill in and the indoors spill out in home design. With such nice weather, I understand why.

  4. One of the best parts of summer, to be sure! Since I live in Portland, OR I have tried to make my interior very inviting (bright colors, mediterranean) since it rains so much. The outside… inside.


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