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oh joy eats lunch with {ashley primis}…



Who  Ashley Primis / Director of Special Projects at Starr Restaurants and former Food Editor of Philadelphia Magazine

Where  El Rey, a Mexican restaurant in Philadelphia

Time 12:45pm

What's a typical lunch for you? 
Something with a lot of flavor. If I eat something too healthy, I’m hungry again in an hour. These {above} are my latest obsession: Chilaquiles with a fried egg and Salsa Verde. It’s basically tortilla chips tossed in a tomatillo sauce topped with an egg. It's the best version of nachos you’ve ever had.

your dream/ideal lunch?
If work/time/geographical constraints weren't a factor, my dream lunch would be Fish tacos from Bear Flag Fish Company in Newport Beach. It’s fish at its best. And if I’m there, it means I’m in sunshiny L.A. with my best friends. (Which is the best part of the dream, by far.)

with lunch?
  Yes, and no. More like a little chocolate treat or fro-yo run somewhere between lunch and dinner.

{food photo
by Starr Restaurant Group, photo of Ashley by Zoey Sless-Kitain}


  1. The weirdest part of this — I think she and I went to high school together. At least, we did if it’s the same Ashley.

  2. BEAR FLAG!!!! My boyfriend lives in Newport and he showed me that place. SOOO Goood!! Joy, if you haven’t been, you’ve got to go once you move to LA (Since Newport is closer compared to from San Diego)

  3. wow, those chilaquiles look amazing…currently looking up a recipe to make some!

  4. I LOVE chilaquiles. The Viceroy Palm Springs have really great ones for breakfast. Must go again before we move!


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