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{san diego} top 20 bites…



In preparation for my move to San Diego last year, I did a search for San Diego food blogs and came across Alice Q. Foodie's blog. Her list of things to eat & drink in San Diego kick-started me into excitement about the new food options I was about to bestow. Now that I am wrapping up my year in San Diego, {inspired by Alice's list} I wanted to share a list of my very own of my favorite food discoveries in San Diego over the past year. {While most have photos, a few do not, so you'll have to use your imagination and trust my foodie peer pressure on those.} So, here goes…in no particular order…my top 20 bites in San Diego…


1. The Chocolate Budino from Cucina Urbana. Rich, light, smooth, sweet, salty goodness.


2. The Polenta/Ragu Board {great as a shared appetizer} also from Cucina Urbana. The ragu changes regularly, but whichever flavor it is, is always good. {I've had this dish at least 5 times}


3. Fish tacos from Marisco's Taco Truck. $1 each and SOOO good! A meal for two runs under $10.

4. Banh Mi from Bale French Sandwich Shop. Get the classic #2. Located in a sort of shady spot so be sure to get them to go.


5. Pepperoni, garlic, basil pizza with fresh mozzerella from Basic. The closest to good East Coast pizza I've found here.


6. Thai Coconut Pancakes {Kanom Krok} from The Black Thai stand at the Hillcrest {Sundays} or Litte Italy {Saturdays} Farmer's Market.

7. Almond Milk Boba Tea from Tapioca Express {no photo}


8. Tsujiki appetizer from Sushi Ota. The fish is flown in from the Tsujiki Fish Market in Tokyo, Japan every Tuesday so it's available every Tuesday through the rest of the week until supplies last.

9. Tuna Cup from Yu Me Ya – chopped rare tuna in a crispy wonton cup topped with sliced avocados and a spicy Japanese sauce. {no photo}


10. The Sticky Bun {and Italian Salami sandwich – not shown} from Con Pane.


11. Chocolate cupcakes at the Daily Scoop.


12. Red Chip ice cream at the Daily Scoop.

13. Pumpkin Milkshake at Mariposa which is available seasonally in the fall and winter. {no photo}


14. Fresh-squeezed Orange Juice from Polito Family Farms available at the Coronado Farmer's Market on Tuesdays and Hillcrest on Sundays.

15. Garlic Bacon Basil Cream Cheese from PL Bagels.


16. Truluck's carrot cake…a monstrosity of cake…one slice feeds four.

17. Injera Bread which accompanies all the main dishes at the Abyssinian restaurant, Muzita {no photo}.


18. The pink potato tacos at Spread.


19.The PB Oreo cookie from 410 Degrees.

20. Key Lime Pie Popsicle from Viva Pops {key lime flavor is newer and not shown}.

I'll miss you San Diego!

{all photos by Oh Joy}


  1. YUM! Thanks for this list, I will definitely be trying some of these out next time I’m in San Diego. 🙂

  2. yes, yes, and yes! and can i add the salted pecan/caramel/brownie dessert at prepkitchen? only available when the brownies are fresh but worth the drive. making my mouth water as i type this.
    the fish tacos at the divey OB bar the tilted stick are the best i’ve ever had, and the egg and bacon pizza at blind lady ale house in normal heights is so good too.
    san diego will miss you!

  3. Hee! You are so sweet. It’s a bummer we didn’t get a chance to eat together more, but enjoyed following your adventures thru San Diego’s dining scene. I need to update my list – I was just thinking about that the other day. It’s a year old! I am so excited for you and your adventures in LA – can’t wait to read all about them too!

  4. Perfect timing Joy! Tonight was our last night in San Diego, and I happened to see this post just as we were deciding where to eat. Cucina Urbana it was! We tried the polenta/ragu board as well as the chocolate budino and both were amazing! Thanks so much for the recommendations. I only wish we could stay in town longer…
    Oh – I have to point out the seasonal plum marzipan tart from Girard Gourmet in La Jolla. Phenomenal. One of the best desserts I’ve ever had… the plums had such intense flavor.

  5. what a great roundup of san diego eats! i’ve love to visit sd one day and hit all those spots!
    thanks joy for sharing!

  6. My mom is coming into town (SD) next week and I can’t wait to try a bunch of these places with her! Thank you for featuring San Diego!!


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