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vegetarian goodness in {san diego}…




I'm usually hesitant to try vegetarian restaurants. As a non-vegetarian, it seems odd to limit my eating options when I {nor anyone in my dining party} has dietary restrictions. However, after I was told by another meat-eating friend that one of the best meals she had in San Diego was at a vegetarian restaurant called Spread, I had to see for myself.

The menu at Spread changes daily and is determined by the day's worth of scouring the local Farmer's Markets and local farms, often picking out of the ground that very evening's bounty. The nondescript restaurant doesn't come close to paying homage to the incredible food cooked inside. As meat-eaters, we were delighted, satisfied and didn't miss meat that night one bit. The highlights of the meal included the pink potato tacos {2nd photo} and the burrata salad {top photo}. Both were amazing in texture, flavors, and richness. I also LOVED the butterscotch peanut butter {they are called Spread after all}, which accompanied a variety of fruit for dessert.


Oh, and San Diegans…you better get here quick. Once this happens {above}, it will be much harder to get a reservation at this humble and understated, yet amazing, restaurant.

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. Wow that looks scrumtious! I’m a devout meat-eater too, but there’s something oh so delicious about rich vegetarian cuisines that I love too! I haven’t found (or looked) for veggie places in Denver yet, but Horizons in Philly is awesome.

  2. Another veg place I really like is Cafe Zinc, on S. Cedros in Solana Beach – fun little shopping district too!

  3. I had my graduation dinner there four years ago! It’s so amazing. I miss it since moving from San Diego 🙂

  4. This looks great. I haven’t found that many LA vegetarian restaurants that I would rate as highly but in Venice is an amazing restaurant–with a gorgeous outdoor garden–that does a lot of veg only dishes. Perfect for mixed company.

  5. My daughter and I had a absolutely delicious dinner there last Thursday. Homemade pasta with fresh veggie sauce was insane!


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