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happy friday + a chevron building…



Wow…it's Friday already, and I'm getting closer and closer to feeling more settled in our new home. While this week has been mostly about unpacking for me, we've had a chance to explore our new neighborhood a bit. My cute male celebrity-spotting has been off the charts, but I guess that LA for you! As we approach the weekend, I leave you with this quick shot I took of an awesome chevron painted building on Sunset Blvd {Malo restaurant} which reminds me of this post from last year. If only we could all paint our houses in crazy patterns like this! Happy weekend, friends…wishing you some new little adventures of your own this weekend!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. If you haven’t yet eaten at Malo, you should – ground beef and pickle tacos, chips with burnt habanero creme and the organic margarita, if you’re into that sort of thing. Intelligentsia is another must 🙂 Enjoy your discoveries!

  2. ahhh! i love malo and live down the street! i’m so glad you have arrived safetly and are loving silverlake! when you are settled please let me know so i can take you out for a cupcake or cocktail! welcome welcome! xoxo

  3. Duh…I live down the street and never noticed that the building’s painted like that! Oooh, and I see you got the street sign for Garage Pizza in the foreground. Ok, let me tell you–Garage Pizza is a MUST! Get the Game Pie, it’s the best pizza evah! LA’s got loads of great restaurants, and if you love to eat, you’ll love it here. Welcome to the neighborhood! Love your work. Thanks for the inspiration your site provides.

  4. Welcome to LA! Didn’t know about Malo before you posted (and haven’t spotted any cute male celebrities either in my 2 years in LA – but that may just reflect my un-hip hang out places!). Am looking forward for more LA posts so I can discover my own backyard as another commenter posted.

  5. wait, what?! you’re in la now! hip hip hooray! welcome to the hood, and it’s bounds and leaps more fun/diverse/delicious/etcetcetc than san diego (though i’m sure it was plenty nice there, too).
    design meetup la?


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