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{taste it}: dragon fruit…



I never thought that hot pink existed in nature, until I came across the dragon fruit. Spotted at the Silver Lake Farmer's Market, I had to see what this tropical electric fruit was all about. Also known as a pitaya, it's the fruit of several cactus species. Housed in a succulent-like exterior, the pulpy interior has the taste and texture similar to a kiwi {but more mild}, mixed with a bit of melon and cactus flavor. They taste best after being chilled, simply slice in half and scooped out with a spoon!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. oh nice and strange! i had never seen a pink dragon fruit before, the ones i ate were bigger and whitish inside 🙂

  2. funny enough I was thinking the same thing as ana, I too had never seen a pink dragon fruit before. only white fleshed. and yes it was very tasty.

  3. this is my favorite fruit. I have never seen it pink before but have heard that the taste is sweeter than the white one…

  4. I’ve never had a hot pink dragon fruit, but I have had a neon eggplant. Nature always finds ways to be crazy amazing.

  5. I absolutely love that something this vibrant just naturally appears, and I love that you pointed it out with a designer’s eye. Would love to try it sometime!

  6. I ate Dragon Fruit every morning for breakfast on my trip to Amsterdam but the instead of pink it was white inside. Just thinking about the kiwi texture and delicate flavor makes me smile.

  7. oh Joy, 😉
    You know, even tough technically dragon fruit it is a sort of pitaya; for us, Mexicans (pitaya is native from Mexico)dragon fruit is not the same thing as pitaya.
    I will be traveling to my home country in Sept-Oct and promise you to send you some Mexican pitayas pictures.
    They are also pink..
    Almost rosa mexicano.

  8. Trader Joes sells dried dragon fruit slices!! I tried this for the first time when I visited my dad’s ranch in Nicaragua. Hubby got super sick and well, let’s just say he cannot look at dragon fruit ever again.

  9. Beautiful! You needn’t look to the tropics for hot pink fruit, though. The prickly pear cactus fruit I picked and ate last night was this very shade of pink, and quite tasty. “Opuntia” is found throughout the western states, especially in the southwest.


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