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tree house living…





We're at Day 3 of unpacking, and getting closer to being settled in! Since we live on a hill in Silver Lake, I've been feeling like we live in a big tree house…light, airy, breezy, and surrounded by greens outside. That feeling makes me want to spruce up the actual living greens inside and out. So I love these samples of other homes that incorporate living walls by Woolly Pockets into a space.

{photos by Woolly Pockets}


  1. hahahah, i thought this was your new place.. but alas i read the last line.. hope the unpacking is going well.. 🙂 you better make space for us soon.. hehe..

  2. i am obsessed with woolly pockets joy!! i have one hanging on my wall…but need a lot more 🙂 thanks for reminding me hehe. lovely choice of photos! the middle one is killer!


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