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I'm currently visiting Kyoto this week, so as you can imagine, my taste buds are getting plenty of exercise. With amazing treats, both savory and sweet, I am loving every minute of it. I'll be posting more of my Japanese culinary adventures next week, but wanted to pop in and say hello, and share the first of many treats I've come across while here.

There are so many delicious desserts involving green tea, and one of my favorites so far are these green tea langue de chat from Malebranche in Kitayama, Kyoto. The French-inspired patisserie makes a variety of boxed and fresh desserts, but these seem to be the star of the show. Crisp green tea biscuits sandwich a layer of white chocolate for a light {and not too sweet} treat…

{Japanese stores don't seem to be too fond of tourists photographing their product so photo above by Malebranche}


  1. So funny that you posted these. My husband brought me some from Kyoto and they are unbelievably good as well as beautiful! I’ve been trying to find them but it’s really difficult. Enjoy them!


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