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scenes from the rose bowl flea market…



Yesterday, Bri and I took an early morning trip to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena. This was the biggest flea market I had ever been to and had no idea what to expect. Along with the usual medley of vintage clothing, furniture, jewelry and knick-knacks, we came across some extra fun and quirky things like LED letters, original 1920's art nouveau prints, and an antique gold cash register that I'd love to use as my own personal bank! I ended up with just a few paintings/prints, and Bri got the awesome floral hamper shown above. But I loved the variety of items at the flea market and got the chance to work on my haggling skills, too. I'll definitely be back…

{photos by Oh Joy}


  1. that looks like an NCR (or National Cash Register) cash register. They were manufactured in my home town of Dayton, OH. My mom actually owns one that she inherited when she bought her bar. It is SO cool!

  2. Love it. Wish I could go to big ones like that. You’d think a big city like Dallas would have something along those lines…not so much. Lucky you! xo

  3. Love the Rose Bowl!!! I went bright and early Sunday morning too and picked up a painting, a cub scout jacket, and a purse. You should hit up Pasadena City College Flea and Long Beach. They aren’t quite as big but the prices are better because they aren’t “the Rose Bowl.” They even have a lot of the same vendors. Yay Fleas!!

  4. Adding that to my list of places to stop on my California honeymoon! Can’t wait!
    Oh how I wish I could pick your brain about San Diego. Considering a move out there in the next few years. How did you like it?

  5. this market takes stamina..! i barely made a dent (just 2 hours before the heat and volume became overwhelming), but hopefully will make it back for that vintage chair/desk combo i spotted!
    it’s incredible what amazing collections ppl own…


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