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{closet & casa} with alison sudol…



who: Alison Sudol, songwriter & singer of A Fine Frenzy

in her closet: I love this little cream blouse. I bought it in Toronto on my second North American tour a few years back, and it has always been a favorite piece {even when for a brief moment I was tired of Victoriana and didn't feel like wearing it}. It was even part of my halloween costume this year {I was an evil victorian doll with stitched eyes}, and no matter how many times I wear it, it never seems to lose its charm.

in her casa: My house is filled with wonderful odds and ends that I collect on the road and at flea markets. I love them all, so this was a tough choice, but I decided to feature my wooden owl, Talko the Who. A dear friend gave him to me for my 22nd birthday, and another friend named him Talko {I added the Who}. His spindly legs were not strong enough to support his very generous torso so he never could quite stand up by himself. He was always falling over. This made me a little sad for him, so one day, I began to write a short story to cheer him up. That story grew longer and longer, and suddenly, it was a long story, and then it was a book. So that's why I chose Talko because I haven't written a book about any of my other treasures…yet.

{photos by Angela Kohler}


  1. this might be my favorite so far(i think i say that everytime)! and i have that same funny little owl ♥♥♥♥


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