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{closet & casa} with randi brookman harris…



who: Randi Brookman Harris, freelance Prop Stylist

why randi rocks: I was initially captured by Randi's eye for color and pattern in this gorgeous shoot. Then I fell into a bright hole of inspiration when I saw her entire styling portfolio…so dreamy!

in her closet: I always love a statement necklace that draws the eye up and brightens a face, especially with a mostly monochromatic wardrobe such as mine. My Venetian glass bead necklace was smartly snatched up by my mom on her trip to Italy in the 60's. I don’t really remember it on her neck, but I recall my complete obsession with it as an object {and plaything} since I was very little. I used to sneak into her drawer just to peek at it when I was 4 or 5. And when I was younger than that, I remember trying to eat it because I thought it was candy!

in her casa: When I first met my husband seven years ago and learned that his mom was an artist, that little factoid added to the “this guy really gets me” excitement of our new love! The first time he brought me home to Phoenix, Arizona to meet his parents, I knew I would fit right into his art-loving family. My now-mother-in-law Debby gave us this collaged painting to take back to New York City with us after that first visit. The color palette makes my eyes happy and my heartbeat quicken, and I can get lost in the layers of texture and brushwork. I have spent many hours staring at it over the years, and can always find a new favorite brushstroke or color I never saw before.

{object photos by Randi, portrait photo by Thayer Allyson Gowdy}



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