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happy holidays + a peeking rainbow…



It's been a crazy weather week here in LA with cats and dogs a plenty tumbling down from the sky. After the earth poured all of {what felt like} the ocean onto us, the rain finally stopped and the rainbows began to say hello. I didn't get to see a double rainbow like some of my fellow Angelenos, but I did spot this one stemming off of a cool blue house in the Silver Lake hills.

I {along with all the contributors at Oh Joy} would like to wish you and yours a warm, fun, and sweet holiday and new year and thank you for your readership and all your support this year! We'll be on a blog break {our one break a year!} through the holidays and look forward to seeing you back here on January 3rd!

{photo by Oh Joy}


  1. happy holidays! great pic of the rainbow. the double one was quite amazing from what i could see over the tops of the trees across the street.

  2. I met a 28 year old guy from Shanghai last week who told me he had just seen his first rainbow (whilst travelling in Australia). His grandmother has never seen one!
    I’m going to enjoy rainbows even more knowing that not everyone gets them 🙂
    Have a great Christmas; seeya next year x Amy

  3. you are one of my favorite blogs. thanks for all wonderful posts throughout year.
    wishing you a very merry x’mas and a healthy new year!


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