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{closet & casa} with kris atomic…



who: Kris Atomic, Illustrator

why kris rocks: I can't get enough of her bright & whimsical illustrations {like her charming rendition of a girl riding a bike on the cover of Anthology Magazine}!

in her closet: The orange checked dress is from Luella's fall '08 collection. I was interning with a fashion stylist and fell in love with this dress on a shoot. It's my absolute favourite orange-red color, and the fabric was so soft! About 6 months later, I saw it on sale, and the last one was in my size. Obviously it was fate! Of course, now that Luella doesn't exist anymore, it's even more special. Every time I hand it to a dry cleaner I get extremely nervous!

in her casa: I found this amazing bear shaped teapot on a little stall at a summer fair. I talked myself out of buying him at first, but in the end I just couldn't resist. I love that he's holding a mug, why on earth is a teapot holding a mug?! It's so silly, and it makes me smile every time.

Thanks Kris!

{photos by Kris}



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