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If there was ever a book that makes me want to put on my {very small} DIY cap, it's the new book from Christine Schmidt of Yellow Owl Workshop called Print Workshop. Full of awesome hand-printing techniques and fun usable templates in Christine's signature illustration style, I'm loving the variety of projects.

Here's a sampling of just a few of my favorites from the book. For those of you in SF, Christine's book party will be held this Friday evening at Curiosity Shoppe {see here for more info}!

{photos by Douglas Adesko, styling by Christine Schmidt}


  1. I love these images and can’t wait to pick up the book! It’s little inspirations like these that make me want to quit working and just make everything around me. Print my own fabric, can veggies, stencil floors, you name it. Some of these would be great ideas for our little island shack. Please check it out at www. dunesandduchess. com if you get a chance!

  2. Love Christine’s work and LOVE that last image so much….I don’t think I am really very good at diy but, this? It makes me want to try….I wonder if I could make that beautiful birch forest on my wall? 🙂
    happy new year! 🙂

  3. I needed that first photo. I have so many pretty (recycled )jars I use for food storage but they’re about to be even more appealing. Have sharpie, will draw.

  4. LOVE the canning jars!!! Are those decals? Completely adorable. MUST add this book to my personal collection. It looks fantastic. Thanks for the scoop!


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