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table for two…



With Valentine's day around the corner, here are some savory things to indulge in with your Valentine…with some sweet suggestions to come next week! — Joanna

{1. heart-shaped egg fry rings from Williams-Sonoma, 2. luscious langoustine dinner plate from Anthropologie, 3. Terrain organic lavender flowers, 4. heart cutting board from Urban Outfitters, 5. surf & turf dinner for two from Sur la Table, 6. Jamie Oliver Three Measures of Pleasure infused oils.} 


  1. Mmm lavendar. One of my favorite substances on earth. We use those heart shaped thingys for pancakes and eggs for our saturday family brunches. They are surprisingly easy to use. Great finds…

  2. Hi–
    I am desperately searching for the Nathalie Lete Luscious Langoustine dinner plate. I have contacted Nathalie herself however the plates are sold out. I wasn’t sure if you owned the plate or not or if I could convince you to part with it?


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